Serendipity stands for

  • Reliability

    We want to provide a blog engine that users can trust, for which they can get individual support, while being able to influence the project (both as users and developers).

  • Security

    The developer team is always mindful of and open to reports on potential security issues. Our track record shows that we have dealt with few issues switfly over the years.

  • Extensibility

    Plugins and themes provide easy ways to add functionality or change the looks of a blog. With the online plugin repository Spartacus they are well organized and easy to install.

  • Ease of use

    We aim to build simple, but powerful as well as understandable interfaces. The same approach is used for our PHP code, which is supposed to have a low entry barrier.

Blogs powered by Serendipity

  • Der Shopblogger

    Das Blog des Shopbloggers

  • Dirks Logbuch

    Dirks Logbuch

  • YellowLeds Weblog v2

    YellowLeds Weblog

  • S9y InfoCamp

    S9y InfoCamp

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