Developer Team

Here are the folks maintaining and having continuously contributed to Serendipity, in no specific order. Also check out our GitHub memberlist for recent commits.

Thanks so much to all of them!

Current Developers:

Former Developers:

  • Martin Jacobsen: Serendipity Logo
  • Carl Galloway: Theme Developer
  • Matthew Groeninger: Developer, Support
  • Falk Döring: Plugins (Staticpage)
  • Judebert: Support, Documentation
  • Grischa Brockhaus
  • Tom Sommer: Developer
  • Joseph Tate: Developer, PostgreSQL support
  • Sterling Hughes: Co-Founder, Developer
  • Christian Mühlhaeuser: Developer
  • Joyce Park: Developer
  • Sebastian Bergmann: Developer
  • Wez Furlong: Developer
  • George Schlossnagle: Developer
  • Sebastian Nohn: Developer
  • Ian